Coloring Books

Rediscover the joy and relaxation of coloring with these grownup coloring books.

Children's Books

Discover the power of language and the beauty of illustration with these well-told children's books.

Illustrations & Covers

A good book cover can tell a lot about a good book and a well-illustrated book keeps readers coming back for more. Check out these examples of book covers and book illustrations.

Commissioned Portraits

Commission a portrait drawing to capture the one, or perhaps the whole family you love. Working from your favorite photographs, I can create a painting or drawing that will immortalize your loved ones forever.


Whether it’s a commemoration of an event, like retirement, a wedding, a life or a striking headline or bringing a word to life, let my experience and love of the scribal arts set you apart.


For those with a good sense of humor, or perhaps an editorial need, caricatures create a humorous likeness of public figures and people we know.


A bit of calligraphy, a play on words, a fae baby nestled among flowers, images from my coloring books on t-shirt. Visit my stores to view merchandize with my bits of imaginations on them.