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Children’s Illustrations

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My Online Stores

You can find me all over the web. Some places do some products and not others, and the thinking was you might be more likely to find me if I’m ubiquitous!


Society 6:









Cafe Press:



And coming soon for the do-it-yourselfers:





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About Me


I grew up in a house, filled with paper (my father was a paper coating engineer) and lots of “me” time. I had an innate understanding and love of how important books and art are. Yet “But what WILL she do when she grows up? She can‘t make a living at art!”, was the overriding thought. 

This left me with the determination to NOT grow up. Or at least not in the conventional sense. Instead of running away to the circus, I ran away to art school, The Portland Art School (now known as the Maine College of Art). I studied with Bill Collins, Chip Chadburne and Ed Douglas. Illustrating was out of the question for me (it wasn’t offered and pooh-poohed in those dinosaur days), and graphic arts was not the best fit. So I dropped out on the day the circus came to town. How’s that for a sense of irony?

self portrait 1

I studied calligraphy instead. I studied with Bonnie Spiegel, Peter Halliday, Ieuan Rees, Mark Van Stone, Julian Waters, Nancy Culmone, and Paul Maurer. Then I embarked on my own teaching/freelancing career and have been at it for over thirty years.

I dabbled in many fields trying to find the correct fit. I’ve been a teacher, worked in bronze foundries as a wax artist, am an egg artist (creating pysanki and painting endangered species for Wild-N-Wonderful Galleries at Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay, Florida). Not being able to limit my interests very well, and a keen interest in people, gave me a career path resembling Pluto, and with similar results. Then came the idea to combine it ALL, where I am now– the perfect career— writing and illustrating for children.

I’ve had some general success, and I’ve published two picture books available on Kindle and hard copy on Amazon. I have a shop attached to this site, as well as links to my other stores. In case you like what you see or read and don’t necessarily want more stuff in your life, but do want to support me, I’ve put a PayPal donate button should you be inclined and able to do that.

I’m currently working on a coloring book and some other projects, including an historical middle grade novel, and a couple of burgeoning graphic novels. My images are available in quite a few of the online stores on various products. I’m learning new technology all the time, and having a blast! I’m even thinking of trying my hand at creating apps. I will  keep the world posted!

aaaagy selfportrait

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My Books

DDFA COVER 100copy.jpg alternate cover

Duke Day for Annie

Annie gets ready for a famous guest’s visit. We see the summertime temptations as she whisks through her day’s preparations with flair and fun. Based on true events from Ann Cummings Searcy’s life,  Duke Day for Annie is about a little girl’s friendship with Duke Ellington. Set in Old Orchard Beach, Maine around 1937, the story is told with syncopated rhyme, an ear to old phrases, and rich language. Large Print.  Facebook fan page, resource page and activities. (some features may not be available at the present day. Available in print and ebook format


.   Nanas GIft Blog

Nana’s Gift

Darlee Sims is left at Nana’s for the weekend and at first is not happy with it. But having fun with Nana, Pasha and Honey, Darlee learns about her family, and best of all herself. Large Print Resources and activities page (these pages aren’t available at the present time To Be Announced). Available in print and ebook format.


Room Wars

 Room Wars

Will Addie May survive a messy divorce? Will her mom and sister survive her? Something has to give… Short Story. To be a part of a future anthology. Eversion only at present.

Coloring book Precious pets website

an all ages coloring book for the artist in you! The pages are the same, front and back, and there are blank pages to try your favorite media out. If you like it, you can cut it out and frame it as well.

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Calligraphy and Book plates

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Book Covers

I design my own covers. I also do it freelance for other people (as well as formatting for Createspace and Kindle).                                                         










If you need a cover artist or someone to format your picture book or novel for Kindle or Create Space- contact me!Donate Button with Credit Cards

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Contact me!

I currently reside at 53 North Street #2 Westbrook, Maine 04092.

You can email me with your request or questions or discuss commissions at agywilson@gmail.com

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