About Me, Agy Wilson!


Agy grew up in a house, filled with paper (my father was a paper coating engineer) and lots of “me” time. By Agy, I of course mean ME, Agy Wilson. I had an innate understanding and love of how important books and art are. Yet I grew up with “But what WILL she do when she grows up? She can‘t make a living at art!” as the overriding thought. I took a few accelerated course as a kid, but nothing that pointed me in my true direction or answered the above concerns adequately.

This left me with the determination to NOT grow up. Or at least not in the conventional sense. Instead of running away to the circus, I ran away to art school, The Portland Art School (now known as the Maine College of Art), studying a wide variety of disciplines with Bill Collins, Chip Chadbourn, John Ventimiglia and Ed Douglas. Illustrating was out of the question (it wasn’t offered and pooh-poohed in those dinosaur days), and graphic arts was not the best fit. I dropped out on the day the circus came to town. How’s that for a sense of irony?

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Instead I studied calligraphy and played in the world of horology and other antiquarian subjects. I studied with Bonnie Spiegel, Peter Halliday, Ieuan Rees, Mark Van Stone, Julian Waters, Nancy Culmone, and Paul Maurer. Soon I embarked on my own teaching/freelancing career and have been at it for over thirty years.

I’ve dabbled in many fields trying to find the correct fit. I’ve been a teacher, worked in bronze foundries as a wax artist, an egg artist (creating pysanki and painting endangered species for the now defunct Wilde-N-Wonderful Gallery at Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay, Florida). I’ve not being able to limit my interests very well or experiences, and with a keen interest in people, my career path resembles Pluto’s orbit, and with similar results.

Then came the idea to combine it ALL- where I am now– the perfect career— writing and illustrating for children.

I’ve had success, and I’ve published books, traditionally and independently,  available on Kindle and hard copy on Amazon. There are shops attached to this site Gumroad,  Zazzle, Society 6, and Redbubble with my images on some neat stuff. In case you like what you see or read, but don’t necessarily want more stuff in your life, but do want to support me, there is a PayPal donate button should you be inclined and able to do that.

I’m currently working on more coloring books and other projects, including a historical middle-grade novel, a baby sound book, emergent readers  and a couple of burgeoning graphic novels. Feel free to read and if you like subscribe to my Blog. I write about my process, what I’ve learned, book reviews as well as previews for upcoming projects. I’m learning new technology all the time, and having a blast! In the future I hope to share what I’ve learned and the best of the resources I’ve found as a self-starter. I’m even thinking of trying my hand at podcasting and creating apps, and will keep the world posted!

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