Drawing caricatures of public figures, friends and family, or even of yourself is a time-honored art form that can be found in publications dating as far back as medieval times. For those with a good sense of humor, or perhaps an editorial need, I do caricatures with an emphasis on both humor and likeness. I work in several mediums as you can see from the examples below.

Stephen King - markers

Whoopi Goldberg - graphite

John Lennon - markers

Robert Dinero - photoshop

Susan Sarandon - colored pencils

Kristen Bell - graphite

Kanye West - graphite

Kirsten Dunst - Photoshop

Glenn Close - colored pencil

Michelle Pfeiffer - Colored pencils

Michael J. Fox - markers

Cate Blanchette - mixed media

Commissioned Portrait - colored pencils

Rose McGowan - graphite

Jean Paul Rouve - graphite

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