Illustrations and Book Covers


There just is something about a well-illustrated book that helps tell the story, enhances each page and engages the reader. I take great pains to create characters and keep them consistent from page turn to page turn. Using color, action, form, and composition, I create illustrations that are an addition to any text and keep the reader coming back for more. Here are some samples from two of the children's books I have illustrated.

detail. Kobi Borrows a Pouch, ©Margot Finke, illustrated by Agy Wilson learn about the animals
detail, Kobi Borrows a Pouch, ©Margot Finke illustrated by Agy Wilson learn about the process

Kobi Borrows a Pouch: An Aussie Koala Adventure

Kobi was a young koala who thought he knew all the bush-smarts he needed. Very soon, he discovered that looking for the right gum tree was a dangerous business. He ended up scared and homeless—and he really, really, missed his mom. Kobi needed to learn more bush-smarts, and FAST if he were to stay alive. . . Jumping Grasshoppers, how will poor Kobi manage? Read, and discover his survival secrets.

In And Out, All 'Round About-Opposite Friends

In and Out, All ‘Round About—Opposite Friends is a story about friendship and differences; about the ups and downs, ins and outs of having a friend, being a friend, and keeping a friend. Sometimes it’s cultural and racial differences, or distance, that might separate friends. For ages 4-7.

Book Covers

A book really is judged by its cover. Whether your book is only going into the Amazon Bookstore, or will be released far and wide from Barnes and Noble to Indie Book Shops and library shelves, a well constructed and well-drawn book cover will help you stand out in the crowd. Below are some samples of the many book covers spanning various genres that I have done for myself and for book author clients.

Book Cover: Lupine Falls, Kati Faquette, TBA ADULT CONTENT
Book Cover: Fanny's Art, Kati Faquette, 2013 ADULT CONTENT
Oscar is Different, Margot Finke, illustrated by Ioana Zdraela (formatted by yours truly),
In and Out, All 'Round About—Opposite Friends, Penelope Anne Cole, illustrated by Agy Wilson Published by Magic Book Works, 2016, Penelope Anne Cole author, Agy Wilson illustrator
A kalachakra mandala cover-in-progress

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