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I love telling stories to kids, helping them discover the power of language and the beauty of illustration. I concentrate on history, being kind to one another, being part of the world. Whether it’s a little girl preparing for her famous friend or turning sour rhubarb to sweet jelly or a young girl struggling with her self-worth at a time of great upheaval, I try to tell the fascinating, humorous well-told story with illustrations to match.

Duke Day for Annie


Young Ann Cummings joyously plays through a day of preparations for her famous friend, Duke Ellington's upcoming visit. From mischief with her brother, Eddie, to scootering about under the bright summer sky running errands for her mother and Duke Day. Annie is based on true events, set in Old Orchard Beach, Maine circa 1937. Annie goes through her day, culminating in the arrival of jazz icon Duke Ellington. A taste of a little-known history told in syncopated rhyme, fun phrases and rich language and bold illustrations. Unexpected pop-ups add detail and other tidbits of interest and history. For ages 4-90. Large print. Also available in Kindle Pop Up

Nana's Gift


Darlee Sims is left at Nana's for the weekend and is not happy with it. But having fun with Nana,Pasha and Honey, Darlee learns about her family, and best of all herself. Nana's Gift is a positive intergenerational story about the power of family, honesty and adding a bit of sugar to life. Nana's Gift is a heartwarming, touching, and beautifully written picture book by Agy Wilson. Darlee Sims is left at Nana's for the weekend and at first is not happy with it. But having fun with Nana, Pasha and Honey, Darlee learns about her family, and best of all herself. With wonderful illustrations that have a hand-drawn look, Nana's Gift offers a timeless message about intergenerational family relationships. Also available for Kindle.

Room Wars


Will Addie May survive a messy divorce? Will her mom and sister survive her? Something has to give...

Maria Catalina Egan says " In a few short pages the author takes the reader through a roller coaster of emotions. From the perspective of a teen struggling through the change in her life caused by her parents' divorce. Agy Wilson's ROOM WARS may well be the therapeutic read for parents and teens adapting to divorce. A well deserved five stars." Available on Kindle.

Coloring Books

As a kid I loved detail and imagining worlds. As many rediscover the joy and relaxation of coloring, I want to bring the things I loved as a child as well as my adult sensibilities to my books. Whether it’s the things I find beautiful, or funny, I try to realize images upon when the colorist finishes the piece, is proud to sign his or her name alongside mine. I hope you enjoy coloring these Adult All-Ages Coloring Books as much as I enjoyed creating them. 

Precious Pets-Kittens & Puppies & Old Places: An Adult Coloring Book for All Ages

This adult coloring book features 16 unique pages of a variety kittens and puppies in old places they would have felt at home. Very detailed drawings, this book is meant for the advanced and brave colorist. Researching this coloring book was fun, but drawing it was rewarding and a stress buster and relaxing in its own right. I hope you enjoy coloring it as much as I did drawing it. The book features each design printed single side and includes a few blank pages for color and media experimentation on 60# paper. The colorist is encouraged to either put a protective sheet under the working image or to carefully cut out the page with a ruler and an Xacto knife or a sharp blade. The colorist is encouraged to sign their work and each image is signed and dated by Agy Wilson. Created with the adult colorist and the child who loves to color details, in mind. 

Pieces of Compassion -Variations of the Kalachakra Mandala: An Adult Coloring Book for All Ages

This adult coloring book for all ages is inspired by the Kalachakra Mandala created by Tibetan monks to honor the Dalai Lama's 80th birthday and visit to America. I painstakingly drew a representation of the mandala created by the monks, then took aspects of the drawing and created the various images, which were then inked by hand. This book is meant to relax and channel the colorists energy into a positive, creative, compassionate state. Coloring not only destresses, but it's a great meditative tool as well as honoring a person's natural creativity. There are a couple of pages provided for the colorist to test out media and colors. It's printed on 60# white paper stock with 31 unique designs ranging from expert to intermediary. Some are graced with the wisdom of the Dalai Lama and others are pure design.

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