Portrait Commissions

I have always loved doing portraits.Working from your favorite photographs (photographs hold still and the light is constant!) and in a variety of materials including pastel, acrylic, graphite, pen & ink and mixed media I create a painting or drawing that will immortalize your loved ones forever. The better the reference, the better the likeness, and the more references, the more likely I can capture that certain "Je nes sais quoi" that I feel makes artistic portraits far more satisfying than a photographic record.  

Contact me today to set up your portrait, or to preserve your loved ones for all the tomorrows to come.
Commissions starting at $100. 


My girls, Gabi, Dominique and Kati, Prisma on Canson Mi Tientes, Agy Wilson

Prisma on Canson Mi Tientes

Pegs mum and sister, graphite on Bristol, Agy Wilson

Graphite on Bristol

Acrylic on canvas

Michelle Green's mum Winnie Pearl, pastel on Canson Mi Tientes, Agy Wilson

Pastel on Canson Mi Tientes

Diana as a Greek Goddess, Prisma on Parchment, Agy Wilson

Prisma on Parchment

Princess Diana (triptych), acrylic on ostrich egg, Agy Wilson

Triptych, acrylic on ostrich egg