In addition to my children's books and adult coloring books, I also offer a variety of commission services. Whether you need help with a book cover, or you'd love to have a unique portrait of your loved one hanging on the wall, you can contact me, using the contact form below, to discuss details of your project. You'll find my prices are friendly, and my work delivered on time and in budget. If you don't see a service you need listed below, feel free to drop me a line anyway and let's see what we can work out together.

Illustrations - In addition to illustrating my own books, I can also illustrate yours. Check out this page for some book illustration samples.

Book Covers - a book is judged by its cover, and creating a cover that helps sell your book can be vital to its success. I can create a book cover that can help your book attract buyers. Check out this page for some book cover samples.

Portraits - Have you ever wanted a portrait of a loved one, a favorite pet, or even your entire family? I can make that dream a reality. Here are some portrait samples.

Caricatures - Perhaps you lean more towards the humorous representation of someone in your life or even a famous public figure. Caricatures could be your answer. Check out these caricature samples.

Store - You can also check out one of the online stores I have that stocks all sorts of products, from T-shirts and mugs to wall art and home decor. This page has links and samples to those stores.